Home Loan

Basic Home Loan

The simplest home loan on the market, but with low interest rates and fewer features. This product does not suit everyone, as many additional fees are often payable. 

First-Home Buyer

We understand you feel anxious when it comes to first-time buying a property. At AR Multi Finance, our professional and experienced consultants are ready to help and assist you.

From pre-approval, full application through to settlement process. In addition, we will also assist you in applying First Home Owner Grant and other concessions you are entitled to receive.


Property investment is one of the safest and easiest options people choose in the hope of capital growth and  can also benefit from negative gearing.

We will help you to build the best structure for your finances. 

We will review your current situation, including home loan and other commitments. Apart from that, we also look at your long term goals in building your investment portfolio and to maximise the investment return.


Are you self-employed and no proof of income?

No problem, There are many lenders offering Lo-Doc / No-Doc products and we certainly can help to find the best for you.


In Australia, Standard Variable Rate is one of the most popular mortgages.

The rate can fluctuate up and down, generally in line with changes to official interest rates as set by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).


If you worry about the fluctuation of interest rates and need certainty to feel secure, fixed rate may be the solution.

Your loan rate can be fixed for a period of time.


Honeymoon / Introductory rate offers very low rate to borrowers for a period of time.

It is important for you to understand there might be some costs and the rate will then revert to standard variable rate once the honeymoon period ends


Interest only repayments allow you to make minimum repayments without paying the principal repayments.

But you are still able to make principal repayment depending on the lenders and products.


Line of Credit allows you to withdraw fund up to a set limit.

Repayments are based on the amount withdrawn.